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  1. BulletSUT Audit Defense

  2. Paragon Tax Group, LLC experts can help guide you through the audit process to ensure it runs smoothly.  Our goal is to minimize your audit deficiency.  Each state jurisdiction has different policies and procedures; therefore we recommend that clients bring us into the audit process as early as possible.


  4. 1.Pre-audit reviews to identify and assess areas of potential exposure

  5. 2.Notice response

  6. 3.Negotiating an audit test plan including extrapolation techniques and outliers

  7. 4.Identification and assembly of offsets such as overpayments to help minimize the assessment

  8. 5.Documentation and presentation of arguments to remove contested items before assessment

  9. 6.Administrative protest and appeals

  10. BulletSUT Refund Review

  11. BulletCompliance

  12. BulletSUT Returns & Effective Rates Studies

  13. BulletUtility Tax Abatement & Refund Review

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