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  1. BulletSUT Audit Defense

  2. BulletSUT Refund Review

  3. BulletCompliance

  4. Paragon will assist your company in becoming compliant with sales and use tax statutes nationwide.  Our engagements can be tailored to:

  5. 1.Identify jurisdictions where your company has sales and use tax collection obligations (nexus)

  6. 2.Implement internal procedures for sales and use tax administration

  7. 3.Research specific issues pertaining to tax determinations

  8. 4.Quantify outstanding liabilities by jurisdiction

  9. 5.Assist with voluntary disclosure of liabilities to taxing authorities in order to avoid penalties

  10. This list is not all inclusive and our engagements can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

  11. BulletSUT Returns & Effective Rates Studies

  12. BulletUtility Tax Abatement & Refund Review

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