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  1. BulletSUT Audit Defense

  2. BulletSUT Refund Review

  3. Paragon Tax Group’s Sales and Use Tax Refund Review or “Reverse Audit” is a comprehensive analysis of transactions designed to obtain refunds of overpaid sales and/or use taxes within the statute of limitations of the taxing jurisdiction.  Paragon Tax Group utilizes our knowledge of the tax laws to recognize exempt transactions, as well as issues that arise due to court decisions, policy changes or compliance errors.

  4. The process involves interviews, planning, and procurement of documentation by our staff and the filing of petitions for refund to states or vendors and following the claim through the process until complete.  The ultimate goal of a refund review is to not only recover overpaid sales and use tax for our clients but to educate them in order to save money prospectively.

  5. BulletCompliance

  6. BulletSUT Returns & Effective Rates Studies

  7. BulletUtility Tax Abatement & Refund Review

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